Firm Profile

At Symes Accountants we strive to contribute to the quality of life of small business owners and individuals by providing them with advice and solutions so that they can develop their full potential and thereby obtain their financial and personal goals.

We not only look at the black and white figures, but we look well beyond to ensure that we have a deep understanding of each client's personal, financial and business needs.

What really motivates you to get out of bed, and what legacy do you want to leave? Quite simply these two little questions are the springboard for a long term relationship of us providing high quality and timely advice.

Just like you plan new things each year, we also add new resources, intelligence and innovation to extend our capabilities for our client's benefit.

Today we have over 20 staff in our office serving over 1,000 clients throughout South Australia and beyond. It's a fun and enjoyable workplace which results in a hard-working and dedicated team committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience.


Symes Guarantees

Our guarantees have been developed by our clients over the years and are aligned to Symes core business philosophies whilst satisfying the desires of our clients.

  • Our clients do not want bill shock at the end of the job, rather a preference to know how much our services will cost from the outset.
    Our Solution - Fixed Price
  • Our clients want to be able to explore every opportunity and make sure that they are making good choices from the start.
    Our Solution - No Charge for General Calls and Emails
  • Our clients need to be able to act on things quickly and move on to other important issues.
    Our Solution - Calls Returned within 24 hours 
  • Our clients want to know that we have a handle on their situation and that someone will be familiar with their situation when they contact us.
    Our Solution - An assigned dedicated team of two or three staff members for you personally


History of Symes

Peter Symes commenced practice as a sole practioner in 1986 by establishing the firm Symes & Associates. He predominantly offered compliance and advisory services to a variety of small and medium business clients. In July 2001, current CEO Peter Caddy joined Peter Symes as a Partner in the practice.

Symes Accountants became as a result of a merge in 2003 with another long standing local accounting firm; Foxfords Accountants. The business also moved to it's current premises at 27 Twelfth Street, Gawler South at this time.

With business growing Hans van Heuven bought in to the Symes Accountants business as Partner in July 2005. After 24 years, Peter Symes retired from the practice in June 2010 and we are continually thankful for his work towards the business.

As business growth continued, Symes Accountants expanded their services by acquiring the accounting branch of BDO Gawler in 2014. This has enabled us to continue to provide these clients with an easily accessible and locally owned service. Along with clients, several staff also made the transition in joining with Symes Accountants.

Today's clients include family groups who have been with us since 1986, as well as small and medium sized enterprises throughout South Australia and beyond. Our client base now encompasses a wide range of industries and professions, including primary producers, medical practitioners, tradespeople and business professionals.

Our partners are backed by a hard working team of accountants and an enthusiastic support team.