Jodie Grantham

Business Manager

DipAcctg, Professional Mgmt Program, IPA

They say you can often tell a lot about a person by the type of dog they own.

At the moment the Grantham household is playing home to a Blue Heeler called Rosie Blue. She is absolutely not an apartment dog. Cooping her up with nothing to do will lead to destructive behavior. With strangers she is watchful but quickly and easily socialises with everyone and anyone. There is a lot of cleverness about her and she is constantly on the lookout for adventure and excitement. The order of the day is high energy with lots of games to be played.

This tells a lot about Jodie. She is our Business Manager and so is into everything around the office. We can rely on Jodie to bring the game or story to the table when light relief is required. The diversity of the role is what keeps Jodie enthused and motivated. She is constantly up and about and her positive attitude is contagious around the office.

Jodie loves giving back to her community and supporting her kids with their interests.  She is heavily involved with the Barossa District Football and Netball Club as a committee person, umpire, coach and still tries to play a game of netball.