Stephen Arthur



Stephen Arthur is a walking Accounting encyclopedia, hunted and gathered over his 25 years in the industry. That knowledge has been passed down to clients and our staff since he joined us in 2014.

Stephen has been around Gawler for many years and his dedication to his clients can only be summed by the magnitude of his loyal following. Stephen only has one approach to helping his clients and that is by full immersion into their daily business lives. Can someone care too much for their clients? Not in Stephen's book.

Primary Production is a key interest for Stephen and all that brings with it, particularly setting up the right structures and planning for generational success.

There are not very many hours in the day that Stephen spends switched off from work but on those odd occasions it is not spent sitting down. The Rotary Club of Gawler Light continues to play a big part in his life, having recently being named President. He also enjoys spending much time with his beautiful wife and two children.

"Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine. If we are to truly serve our client then we are to take care of the complex."