In May 2018 Symes Accountants hosted local high school student, Brett for a week of work experience. Brett is interested in owning his own business in the future and below is his personal account of his experience with our team.

As a Year 11 student currently completing a Certificate III in Business, I have completed work experience at Symes Accountants to help better my understanding of what it is like owning a business and how the inner workings of a business actually operate. This work experience was extremely valuable to me as I have been able to learn so much through completing it.

The first thing that I learnt from the moment I stepped through the door was that administration is vital to helping the business run successfully and creating a good impression to customers. I was given a full schedule of my whole week at Symes and all the staff had already been informed of who I was and if I would be working with them. The staff were all extremely nice and you could tell they all had exceptional customer service skills. Everything was already prepared and it was clear to me that this was the work of a dedicated administration team. This brings be into the next thing that I learned. Community interaction is key. Symes is extremely involved, supporting the community through a range of different activities such as local charities and sporting clubs. They keep in contact with the community through their newsletters, which I had the pleasure of writing this week about the 2018 Federal Budget. I could really tell from my time working here that Symes really cares and tries to get involved with the community as much as possible. This is one of the key importance's to owning a business.

On the Thursday of my work experience I had two meetings with the Directors of Symes Accountants about their business and my future endeavours. An excellent piece of advice I learnt about starting your own business is that you really need to have experience in the field you want to work in. I could really tell from the way that this was emphasized and the stories of people who have tried to work in a field they have no idea about, that this was really key advice. These meetings were so beneficial to my learning as I learnt things I hadn't even thought about when it comes to owning a business. I was extremely happy coming out of those meetings with the information that I had gained.

Another thing I noticed while working at Symes was how much of a toxic free environment it was and how this positively affected the workflow of everyone here. Everyone was nice to each other and happy to help each other out. It was clear how much this translated into an increase in the work efficiency and overall general vibe of the office. With the employees all happy to work with each other, it creates an office space where things can be done correctly and to a high standard.

Overall, my work experience at Symes was so enjoyable and informative. It really has helped me to develop my understanding of not just owning a business, but in learning how a business successfully operates. This really was an experience worthwhile.