In August 2018, Symes Accountants hosted work experience student Lauren for the week. She gained a great insight into working as an Accountant during the busy ITR season and the importance of good working relationships. Below is her personal account of her experience.

Attitude goes a long way, this is shown through the everyday life at Symes Accountants. At Symes everyone has the right attitude towards their work and especially towards their clients, this is shown through their hard work and determination to ensure that they can do everything in their power to help their clients. Seeing Symes employees interact with their clients was an experience that can never be forgotten, they are open and honest with their clients, they ask about their client's family and make sure that they are doing everything within their power to help. Having a helpful and determined attitude makes Symes a successful business. Everyone within the Symes community has a role to play, and it is their attitude toward that role that can ensure their continued success.

Symes Accountants provides everything for their clients from; individual tax returns, partnership tax returns, business tax returns, super funds, end of year financials, self-managed super funds, property tax returns, and business activity statements. Symes also provides financial planners and financing options for their clients. Symes believes in having a variety of skills within their business to be able to give their clients everything they require.

Everyone in Symes has a friendly attitude and are always welcome to new faces, spending a week in this business has given me insight into accounting and the importance of an accountants work. At Symes Accountants they believe in "hiring for attitude" (van Heuven, 2018) as you can "train [employees] for skill" (van Heuven, 2018). This means that Symes regards attitude as an essential quality to be able to work within the accounting business and they continue to apply the same attitude to their work as they do their other activities. By welcoming me into their workplace and showing me what they do, I have seen for myself the amount of planning and work goes into satisfying their clients every need. Everyone is willing to learn new things, take on new roles and responsibilities and that is what makes being at Symes so enjoyable. I have learnt that within the workplace, attitude really is everything.