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New year - Same you but BETTER14 January 2019Symes AccountantsWe hear the phrase 'New Year, new you' bandied around but you're not an apartment on The Block getting ready for major renovation on January 1st. Own your goals!files/images/content/Blogs/New you, but better.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/new-year---same-you-but-better06
2018 Year in Review16 January 2019Symes AccountantsInvestors started 2018 full of hope, with the global economy and financial markets in good shape, but by year's end they were uncertain and a little anxious about what lay ahead.files/images/content/Blogs/2018 Year in Review.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/2018-year-in-review07
Tax and your Website28 January 2019Symes AccountantsPlanning to launch a new website or refreshing an existing one? Make sure you understand the tax implications and what you can claim for.files/images/content/Blogs/TaxandWebsite.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/tax-and-your-website-what-can-you-claim08
Car expenses on the ATO's radar12 February 2019Symes AccountantsWith almost 4 million Australians making work-related car expense claims, the Australian Tax Office has the practice in it's headlights.files/images/content/Blogs/CarExpenses.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/car-expenses-on-the-atos-radar09
Tax Alert: March 20195 March 2019Symes AccountantsWith small business votes likely to be a key battleground during the Federal election campaign, the Morrison Government has announced its first tax sweeteners.files/images/content/Blogs/TaxAlert_March19.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/tax-alert-march-201910
Make tax time less taxing12 March 2019Symes AccountantsTax time comes around with alarming regularity, so why is it that we tend to wait till the 11th hour to get all our affairs in order? Let's look at some tax strategies.files/images/content/Blogs/Taxtime_lesstaxing.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/make-tax-time-less-taxing11
Selling a business?25 March 2019Symes AccountantsIt can take many years and a lot of hard work to build a successful small business. When you finally decide it's time to sell, tax is often the last thing on your mind.files/images/content/Blogs/SellingaBusiness.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/selling-a-business-dont-forget-about-tax12
What's New with Online Retail?11 December 2018Symes AccountantsThe retail sector is experiencing a dramatic shake up with massive growth in online shopping indicating a shift in how consumers interact with products, sales and spaces.files/images/content/Blogs/Online Retail.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/what-to-watch-as-online-retail-takes-off05
Should you Salary Sacrifice?20 November 2018Symes AccountantsMany employers offer salary packaging to attract and retain employees with additional benefits. If it's done well it can be good for both the employer and the employee.files/images/content/Blogs/Salary Packaging.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/salary-packaging-unwrapped03
Mythbusting Super12 February 2018Symes AccountantsSuperannuation is the most tax effective home for your retirement savings. Let's take a look at some of the myths and misconceptions that are floating around about super.files/images/content/Blogs/Super.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/mythbusting-super01
Tax Alert: December 201810 December 2018Symes AccountantsSmall businesses are likely to find themselves kept busy with the progressive transition to the STP system and new rules designed to beat Australia's 'black economy'.files/images/content/Blogs/Dec2018 Tax Alert.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/black-economy-rules-target-tax-avoidance04
Business Succession Planning12 September 2018Symes AccountantsHave you considered the who, what, when, how of your business in the future? Succession planning is a family discussion you NEED to have - so why not start today.files/images/content/Blogs/succession planning.jpgWhat are your plans for the future of the business? Are you wanting to find more time to relax and enjoy your lifestyle? Are your children prepared to take on the family business when you retire? Have you actually had a family discussion about succession plans?02
Single Touch Payroll: Get Ready!9 April 2019Symes AccountantsIf you haven't heard about the introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) it might be a good idea to keep reading as this new system starts on 1 July 2019.files/images/content/Blogs/STP2019.JPGhttp://www.symes.com.au/latest_news/blog/are-you-ready-for-single-touch-payroll13