Tax and taxation planning is the traditional, widely used reason to engage an accountant. Symes provides a range of services from compliance services to planning for the future and investment properties. Details of the services we offer are listed below.

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Accounting & Tax Services

We offer a full range of taxation services inclusive of annual income tax returns, and the collation of income and expenses for individual clients.

Investment Properties

Rental properties are a long-term investment option and we can assist you with knowing your short and long term expenses, along with determining it's financial viability.

Capital Gains Tax Planning

Rental property investment can be a costly exercise without sufficient planning. We can assist you to navigate the rules and regulations of capital gains tax and how it can impact you if you are buying or selling property.

PAYG Withholding Variation

Anything that can assist with cashflow and the ability to afford a rental property is a good thing. Creating a plan at the beginning of the year to adjust the amount of tax your employer withholds from your salary can assist with negative gearing of a rental property. We're here to help you create this plan and prepare any lodgments with the ATO.

Wealth Creation

We know there is no one solution for everyone, and as such we pride ourselves on working with each client on an individual basis to establish plans for their future. A one page personal plan outlines your goals and helps you set the scene for the next coming years. Wealth and lifestyle goal setting and budgeting is essential for future planning.

Transition to Retirement Income Stream Calculator (TRIS)

Retirement changes the rules and you need to make sure you know the impacts. A TRIS enables you to take advantage of reductions to payable income tax on your road to retirement through income streams from your superannuation funds. We can provide tailored tax calculations specific to your circumstances to facilitate your long-term planning.

Succession Planning

A succession plan that meets all of your personal  goals is important for anyone looking to begin a smooth transition. It's important that you feel comfortable that any transition is undertaken in the most cost effective and long term beneficial way for all parties. This includes the protection of assets, asset distribution, maintaining business affairs where required, and facilitating family meetings to arrange plans. We can assist you to tailor your individual plan and guide you through implementing it and monitoring its progress.

Information Pack

For further information about any of our services please download our information pack here.